Exercise After a C-Section

[et_pb_section admin_label=\”section\”] [et_pb_row admin_label=\”row\”] [et_pb_column type=\”4_4\”][et_pb_text admin_label=\”Text\”] Giving birth to your newborn via cesarean means your recovery process is going to be much longer than if giving birth naturally. If you’re keen to get back into exercising as soon as possible to shed some of the weight gained during pregnancy you might be wondering if …

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Can You Get a Nose Piercing When Breastfeeding?

Nose piercings are super popular in many cultures and a way to express one\’s individuality. You’ve read stories of women who didn’t even think twice when it came to having their nose pierced while breastfeeding. But everyone is different, and you have doubts about going through with this, as any sort of piercing comes with …

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