What To Wear To A Baby Shower

What To Wear To A Baby Shower

Got an upcoming baby shower and stumped on what to wear? Or maybe you’re a new mom gearing up for your very first shower and feeling clueless about the perfect outfit!

It is a common problem but you do not need to worry. We have created the perfect guide on what to wear to a baby shower, with consideration to themes that may occur, as well as outfit suggestions.

The good news is that it\’s more than likely you\’ll be able to rewear anything you wear to the event or even be able to find it already in your wardrobe!

Casual Or Classy?

It can be hard to know whether to dress casually or whether to dress up more formally, especially if you have never been to a baby shower. Most baby shower events are smart casual, not too dressed up but also still nice enough for pictures.

It all depends on what the event for the baby shower is, for example, if you were going to afternoon tea then a floral tea dress would be perfect.

Of course, you don’t have to wear anything overly posh or expensive, but you should always arrive looking presentable because it will show that you care and it is also important for the pictures that will be cherished by the mom-to-be forever.

Colors To Wear

When you are going to a baby shower it is more than likely that there will be a specific theme. That means it is appropriate to dress to that theme!

The most common baby shower themes include the typical colors for a boy or girl (blue or pink), pastel colors, animal themes, jungle themes, etc.

If the event you are going to has a specific color theme it is best to try and find an outfit within those colors. This is because it will make the event look more cohesive and better in pictures.

If your baby shower is jungle or animal-themed, try experimenting with animal prints like zebra or cheetah print. It can be fun to experiment with patterns and colors that fit the theme of the event and will also help to narrow down your choices of what to wear.

Outfit Ideas


Tea-Length Dress

A tea-length dress would be perfect for almost any event or occasion, such as a baby shower. This type of dress falls to your mid-calf and creates an effortless and feminine look.

There are many varieties for this type of dress from long-sleeved, short-sleeved, Peter Pan collar, and many more! You can choose a dress in a classic baby color (blue or pink) or any other soft, pastel color that would be great for a baby shower.

This dress is perfect for guests to wear but also very flattering for a pregnant person too. You can dress it up with some heels and nice jewelry for fancier events, or keep it casual with some sneakers and a light jacket. 

Long-Sleeved Dress

If the baby shower that you are going to is in a colder climate, or in the winter months then it may be useful to find a dress that has long sleeves! There are so many to choose from and they will certainly help to keep you warm whilst also looking cute!

Long-sleeved dresses are flattering for all body types and incredibly comfortable too. You can go for a classic long sleeve, a bell sleeve, or a flowy one! The designs are endless. With a long-sleeved dress, you will look both stylish and practical!


If dresses are not your style, then why not try a jumpsuit! Jumpsuits are complete garments that have a top half and a pant half. This is a very practical outfit if you don’t want to find matching pieces or you want something quick, simple but also super cute.

You can get jumpsuits in a range of styles and patterns, and you can choose if you want sleeves or not. They are great for the warm weather as they can be light and airy, but they can also be layered over turtlenecks and jumpers in the colder months. 


A romper is much like a jumpsuit but the pant region is shorts rather than long pants. This is a perfect alternative for a summer baby shower as it will keep you warm in the sun. This is also another great option if you are not too keen on wearing dresses.

Rompers are insanely cute but casual and so would be perfect for casual baby showers such as an afternoon tea or picnic! You can choose patterned rompers, or dress up any by layering t-shirts underneath, as well as jackets and cardigans overtop!

They can also be dressed up if you are attending a fancier event, with a pair of heels and a nice handbag. 

Blouse And Skirt

Another flattering option that is perfect for a baby shower is to wear a blouse and skirt combination! You can choose two garments that complement one another and then use them to mix and match with other clothes after the event!

This is another outfit that can be both casual or formal depending on the accessories you wear with it! You can choose from many different styles of blouse and skirt to create the perfect outfit that will flatter your body type, or to suit the event you are going to!

Skater skirts are beautiful garments that pair well tucked into a blouse and create an elegant and pretty look.

Two-Piece Set

Are you the type of person that worries about having to match more than one item of clothing? Well, if you are perhaps you should try and find a two-piece set to wear to the baby shower.

Two-piece sets are fantastic because you don’t have to think about the hassles of finding garments that go well together.

You can get an array of different two-piece outfits from tops and skirts, to tops and pants. It all depends on your preference and what you feel comfortable wearing. 

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