Can You Use Dryer Sheets On Baby Clothes? Safe Alternatives For Baby

Dryer sheets are handy for providing your clothes with a fresh fragrance and a soft touch, but are they suitable for baby’s attire? If you’re on the hunt for a substitute to dryer sheets that’s harmless for your little one, then continue reading! You’ll discover numerous substitutes that can offer the same advantages as dryer sheets, without posing any dangers.

Avoid using dryer sheets on baby clothes. Dryer sheets could reduce the fire retardant properties of the fabric, and some babies may be sensitive to dryer sheets causing skin irritations or rashes. It is best practice to keep all fragrance products away from children.

Are dryer sheets bad for babies?

While you might use dryer sheets on your own clothes, there are a few things that make dryer sheets unsuitable for your little one\’s clothes. Dryer sheets can be unsafe for use on baby clothes, and if not stored properly can be a choking hazard. if your baby\’s clothes are fire retardant, using dryer sheets is a no-go.

Most parents will look at using dryer sheets on their baby\’s clothes to make their little one\’s clothes soft. Washing baby clothes doesn\’t have to be a complicated process, and often including more products in the washing machine or dryer, like fabric softener or a dryer sheet, can actually create more problems in the long run.

Here are there major reasons dryer sheets are bad for babies:

The chemicals used on dryer sheets can irritate baby\’s skin

the same chemicals and components that are used to make your clothes smell good and super soft can Irritate sensitive skin and possibly create long-term issues. Your child\’s skin will need time to acclimatize to the new environment once they are out of the womb. Just being exposed to air causes problems for some children, so harsh chemicals can only augment that skin irritation.

Dryer sheets can reduce the fire retardant properties of the fabric

Pajamas are the most known for having fire retardants within the fabric, but many newborn clothes also have fire-retardant properties. Dryer sheets can reduce the fire-retardant properties of fabric which can pose a serious risk in case of an accident. The packaging of most dryer sheets will also include a warning about this – stating that the product is not for use on children\’s sleepwear or garments labeled as flame resistant.

Dryer sheets can be dangerous if swallowed or aspirated

One of the ways baby learns about their environment is by putting things in their mouth. If you have children who still put everything in their mouths, trying to taste dryer sheets may result in an obstruction of the airway and cause suffocation. It\’s critical to keep laundry detergents, as well as other clothes-washing items, out of the reach of children.

Are there dryer sheets for babies?

There are some dryer sheet products available which are intended to be used on baby clothes – these tend to be reduced without using harsh chemicals or dyes, and contain more natural ingredients. Keep in mind that these dryer sheets are still unsafe to use on fire retardant clothing or children\’s sleepwear, as the ingredients can negatively affect flame resistance.


Specifically designed dryer sheets for baby clothes include Grab Green\’s Natural Newborn Baby Laundry Dryer Sheets. These compostable dryer sheets are formulated to soften clothing and linens and reduce static cling, which can help to reduce your child\’s exposure to chemicals. they also come in two main scents – Calming Chamomile and Dreamy Rosewood.

Can you tumble dry baby clothes?

Generally, your child\’s clothes can be dried in the same way that your own clothes are. Sweaters and delicate apparel should be laid flat to dry to best care for them, but for the most part anything else can be tumbled.

Make sure you check the labeling on your child\’s clothes – if you see any mention of a fire-retardant treatment, you may need to investigate further about the suitable ways to dry these items. Some fire retardant clothing can be tumble dried on a very low-temperature setting, But in some cases, you may not be able to use a dryer at all.

How to dry and soften baby clothes without a dryer sheet

Dryer sheets can reduce static cling and make your child\’s clothing soft, but there are many other ways to accomplish the same goals without exposing them to harmful chemicals.

If dryer sheets are a no-go on baby clothes, what can you use instead? There are two main things I do in my laundry cycle to keep my clothes soft and fresh, and it is actually something I do for all of the laundry in my household, not just for baby clothes. I use white vinegar and woolen dryer balls.

Use white vinegar in place of fabric softener while washing baby clothes

Simply add half a cup of white vinegar in the fabric softener compartment on your washing machine for an effective way to soften fabrics. You can also use vinegar or baking soda in place of fabric fresheners for a natural way to remove odors.

Invest in some reusable dryer balls to dry baby\’s clothes

Traditional dryer sheets are a one-time use product that must be placed in the rubbish after your laundry cycle. Not only are you doing your bit for the environment by using a reusable product in your laundry cycle, but purchasing some dryer balls for use in your dryer can actually be an investment that quickly pays itself off when compared to the cost of dryer sheets. Buying dryer sheets will be a thing of the past!

Go for wool dryer balls that are ethically sourced, and consider using 3 to 6 balls within your dryer depending on how big your load is. The great thing about wool dryer balls is that you don\’t need to worry about sensitive skin – there are no harmful chemicals being used, and drive balls are fragrance-free. They won\’t leave residue on baby\’s clothes and can reduce the impact of static electricity.


Babyganics Natural Wool Laundry Dryer Balls can reduce the time it takes to dry your clothes by 25%. They can also make clothes feel softer your clothes are moving more within the dryer drum. These balls are reusable and 100% natural fabric softener, non-allergenic, never tested on animals. The best thing is that they come in a pack of 4 which will last you for up to 1000 loads of laundry! (Which you\’ll absolutely need – expect your weekly laundry activity to significantly increase once a child is in your home!)

In conclusion – it is generally best to avoid using dryer sheets on baby clothes

If you are not using dryer sheets on baby clothes, there are a few other options for softening your child\’s clothing. You can add white vinegar or baking soda to the fabric conditioner compartment of your washing machine and let it work its magic while also removing odors from fabrics as well. Woolen dryer balls can reduce static electricity and make things soft without any harmful chemicals being used. The best part is that woolen dryers balls are reusable so they\’re an investment that pays off quickly when compared to disposable products like dryer sheets.

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