Do Pregnancy Tests Expire

Do Pregnancy Tests Expire?

I’m sure a few of us have had that moment where there are too many signs to disregard potential pregnancy.

Whether you are someone who is trying for a baby or someone who is dreading the idea, our first gut reaction is to take a home pregnancy test. Luckily you have some hanging around in your cabinet, but is it a good idea to use them? Do pregnancy tests expire?

Do Pregnancy Tests Expire?

Yes, pregnancy tests do indeed expire, so if you find a loose test going spare it is probably safer to make a quick stop at the store for a fresh one. Pregnancy tests state clearly on the boxes the date of expiration, so it is important to look for this before taking your test for the most trusting results.

However, pregnancy tests can last as long as one to three years, giving women enough time to use it. Any longer than the recommended date and the test will not respond accurately.

Can Expired Pregnancy Tests Be Accurate?

The chances of an accurate pregnancy test after its expiration date are low. This is because the antibodies used in the test will not be able to detect hCG.

Often, you will find that this results in false negatives and on some occasions false positives. It is safer to purchase a fresh new pregnancy test for accurate results.

Where To Get A Home Pregnancy Test

Home pregnancy tests are easy to get; simply purchase a test at your local pharmacy store. If you choose, you can also visit your doctors who will deliver accurate results.

How To Use A Pregnancy Test

It is more common than you think to not know how to use a pregnancy test. For younger females or those with no future plans for children, pregnancy tests are not a thing to think about.

Thankfully, pregnancy tests are made simple for the convenience of all females. It can be a nervous time however it is quick and easy and will be over before you know it.

There are two ways you can take a home pregnancy test – urinating on the pregnancy test stick; urinating in a disposable cup.

  • Collect a sample: The first step is to produce a urine sample for the test. You can either do this by urinating on the test stick or urinating in a disposable cup to then dip the test stick in. It is important to leave the stick in contact with the urine for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Wait the specified time: The next step is to wait. The waiting time is usually 3 minutes however this may vary between tests.
  • Read the results: After waiting the recommended time, you will then find out if you are pregnant or not. Two lines means you are pregnant, one line you are not. To make it easier, there are now tests which say the word “pregnant” to give you the results.

Signs You Are Expecting


You don’t want to jump to conclusion and get a pregnancy test before analyzing the potential indicators. Only when you notice these signs is it a good idea to pick up a test. Below, we will be listing some of the clear signs of pregnancy:

Missed Period

A missed period is the number one reason to take a test. A woman’s cycle occurs monthly without fail but if a month was to be missed this is a call for concern.

The first thought is pregnancy, so it is always wise to take a test. However, this does not always mean that a lack of period means you are pregnant.

Tender Breasts

Another sign of pregnancy is tender breasts. You may find that your breasts feel uncomfortable and your nipples are sore. This is common amongst expecting mothers as the hormone levels change in their body.

If this happens to you, never be afraid to take a home pregnancy test.


Feeling cramps is normal but if you feel this sensation alongside other unusual symptoms it is worth questioning whether you could be pregnant.

Expecting mothers will feel cramps in their stomach due to implantation however this can be very similar to menstrual cramps. Because of this, it is hard to tell the verdict until you take a pregnancy test.


Another clear sign of pregnancy is nausea and vomiting, particularly if this has come from out of the blue. Morning sickness is a phrase known by many yet don’t let this confuse you.

Even if you are vomiting in the afternoon, evening or night, this can still be a sign of pregnancy. Look into the potential reasonings (sickness, food poisoning, etc.) and if they don’t tick any boxes, invest in a pregnancy test.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to a potential pregnancy, you want to be prepared. It is first important to look for the signs – Are you feeling nauseous/vomiting?  Are your breasts tender?

Are you developing a bout of cramps and have a missed period? If you have answered yes to any of these, look for possible answers then take a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy tests can be purchased easily at a reasonable price and are simple to take once you have it. Simply choose to urinate on the pregnancy test itself or in a disposable cup and wait for the suggested period of time (this is usually around 3 minutes). After this wait will you find out the results.

Every pregnancy test comes with an expiry date, so before taking a test it is important to check this. You want to make sure that you are taking a test that is in date for the best possible results.

If you were to use an expired test, it will still respond but there is a low chance it will be accurate. It is common to receive false negatives, and sometimes false positives, so make sure that you are being sensible and take a test which will ensure you the most accurate results.

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