New Parent\’s Guide to Double Strollers for Newborn Twins

When you find out you\’re pregnant, you start thinking about what that actually means for your family; the changed dynamic with you and your partner, the sleepless nights, the feeding, but also the joy. Then you start thinking about all the stuff you need; the cot, the nappies, the clothes, the stroller! What happens when you find out you\’re expecting twins?!?!? You\’ll need the cot(s), the nappies, the clothes, the stroller(s)…or do you need two strollers? Welcome to the ULTIMATE GUIDE to Double Strollers for Newborn Twins! You don\’t need two strollers; just pick one up that will transport both.

Here are our top three tips for buying a double stroller for newborn twins.

Stick to Your Stroller Budget

The first thing to consider is the amount of money you are willing to spend on a double stroller. Before settling on an amount, you can do your research and check out the prices for the double stroller for twins of different brands and models. Depending on the material and other features of the double stroller, the rates will also vary. You should also decide the purpose of the double stroller before buying; whether you will be just walking the toddlers or whether you are a jogger parent.  You should make a list of criteria you want your double stroller for newborn twins should have. The list will make it easy for you to decide what type of double stroller you need. Once you know more about the double stroller for newborn twins, you will be able to come to a budget. Stick to your budget and do not be carried away by your impulse once you are inside the shop.

Know the Different Double Stroller Types

There is a number of options when it comes to choosing the best double stroller for newborn twins. Side-by-side, tandem, joggers, all-terrain and umbrella types are available with their unique characteristics. Buyers can choose as per their need and style.

Side-by-side double strollers provide more rooms for each of the twins. The twin can sit comfortably, and each has a good view of their surroundings.  Although most side-by-side double strollers are considered cumbersome, some high-end models are smaller and narrower.

Tandem double strollers have seats in line. The seats can be detached and used as car seats for babies. It offers easy access even in narrow spaces; however, turning a corner is difficult. The front seat cannot recline.

Jogger strollers are made of three large bicycle wheels. It is sturdy and can endure high-speed vibration. They have fixed front wheel which makes maneuvering difficult however the suspension feature in all the three wheels makes it easy to steer on uneven terrain.

All-terrain strollers are perfect for those parents who are active and outdoorsy. This type of stroller can be used on rugged terrain or smooth pavement.

Umbrella strollers are made of vinyl or cloth and have only a few features such as shades and storage basket. However, they are the smallest and lightest strollers. They have double curved handles and can be easily folded like an umbrella. It is popular among parents who frequently travel. Only a few models of umbrella strollers can recline, and babies have to sit in an upright position.

Have a List of Must Have / Love to Have Features

There are several features of a double stroller for newborn twins which needs to be considered. Knowing more about these features will help you make an informed decision when buying the ideal double stroller for newborn twins.

Folding: Different types of double strollers will fold differently. The umbrella stroller becomes compact when folded and thus are perfect when traveling. The Jogger strollers will still be bulky after folding because of their large wheels. There are some models of strollers that are one-hand fold or self-standing fold. Such strollers provide convenience to users.

Weight and size: Consider the size and weight of the double stroller before purchasing. The weight and size should be ideal for both parents. Depending on the purpose of the stroller, you can also choose the weight and size. The frames, materials, wheels and other additions also add to the weight of the stroller.

Handlebar: The handlebars of the stroller should be adjustable so that both parents can adjust them according to their heights. The adjustable handlebars will add to the comfort and ease when pushing the stroller.

Brakes: Stroller brakes are vital for the safety of your twins. The brakes on a double stroller are placed on the rear wheels. If the brakes are the flip-flop type, it is easier for parents to use the brakes conveniently and should be able to release them with ease. Always remember to use both the brakes for safety.

Wheels: Strollers come with four wheels or three wheels. The three wheels stroller is more comfortable to maneuver and push while the four wheels stroller; two wheels in front and two at the back are difficult to push.

Versatility: Double stroller for newborn twin also comes with versatile features. One of the seats in a side-by-side stroller may be detachable and could also be used as a car seat for one of the babies. The back seat in a tandem type stroller can also be removed and used for an older child who wants to stand and move freely. Some strollers can also be attached to adult bicycles.

Durability: Double Strollers are an expensive investment thus it is essential to invest in a stroller that is durable. The materials used for manufacturing the stroller such as the cloth or vinyl, the frames, wheels, etc. should be durable and should be able to endure the increasing weight of the twins.

Safety: Last but not the least, safety is an important factor. The stroller should have some restraint to keep the children safe and secured. There should also be a wrist strap for the parent to prevent the strollers from rolling away.

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