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Pregnancy can be a very stressful time; from anxiety about what is to come, disrupted sleep, changes to your routine, and the physical toll that pregnancy has on your body.  even when not pregnant, one of the best ways to look after your physical and mental health is by practicing yoga.

With more and more people turning to app based exercise programs, I went looking for the best yoga app for pregnancy, and this is my favourite.


YogiBirth is a pregnancy yoga app that also includes pregnancy meditations! Your new yoga teacher Laura Myers (who is also a midwife and childbirth educator!) has attended thousands of births, and noticed an increase in anxiety and fear of childbirth. Fear of childbirth can impact the length of labor, the chance of needing medical intervention, and make mothers at greater risk of postnatal depression. Here\’s a study on it.

The app is designed for both mothers and their partners, and hopes to increase access to online parenting and pregnancy yoga – one of their taglines is ‘Pregnancy yoga shouldn’t just be for those who can afford a class pass.’


The classes are trimester specific – so you get the most suitable poses and information for the stage of pregnancy that you’re in. The whole program is designed to get your pregnant body feeling good!


You’ll also get access to guided meditations and relaxations, including breathing excercies to help keep your mind calm. Because it is designed by a midwife, you get the benefit of all the support and evidence-based information that is included too. It really is an all-in-one offering!

It’s subscription based – at the moment you can pay monthly, in a 3 month block, or for the 9 months of your pregnancy. When I checked they also had a 7 day free trial too, so you can jump in and see if YogiBirth is right for you. The developers also donate some of their profits to support pregnancy-related mental health charities!

Download YogiBirth on iOS or Android!

Have you used a yoga app, in pregnancy or otherwise? Let me know your favorites in the comments!

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