Taking Your Newborn Outside: Tips For The First Time

At last, it’s time to introduce your newborn to the great outdoors! It’s indispensable for your baby’s development to spend time outside, to familiarize them with their world and to ensure they receive sufficient sunlight in their formative months. Not only that, the more time you collectively spend outside, the more your little one is likely to develop a fondness for the outdoors and make it more effortless to enjoy family moments in the open air!

This is an exciting moment, but taking a baby out of the house for the first time can be scary. Can I take my baby out before 6 weeks? What if they are too cold? Too hot? What will they need on their first outing? There are so many questions that go through new parents\’ heads when taking their little one out for the first time.

To help you prepare, here are some tips and tricks for taking your newborn outside:

How to take your newborn out for the first time

Consider the weather

Taking your newborn outside when the weather is nice will make for a much better experience. If you can, try taking them out in the morning or evening; early mornings and late afternoons tend to be more pleasant temperatures-wise than midday.

If it’s windy, take that into consideration – while there are some great baby carriers on the market, these can make taking a wiggly baby out in windy weather even more difficult. Foryourlittleone stock some super cute supplies, particularly for the cooler months. (think foot muffs for your stroller!) which could be worthwhile checking out.

Stock your diaper bag

A diaper bag stocked with items you may need when taking your newborn outside is a must. Particularly if you are taking a stroller, you can afford to have a full diaper bag with you as weight is not likely to be a problem.

Some of the things you should consider taking with you are:

  • wipes, diapers and changing accessories – for changing baby!
  • sunscreen – sunscreen is important for taking your baby outside during the day – their skin is more sensitive to the sun\’s rays than ours.
  • a breathable cloth to put over the stroller – this will help shade your baby, and can be nice when you are out for extended periods of time in the sun. It’s also good if wind picks up or starts getting chilly!
  • snacks and water – for you!

Start slowly

If this is your first time taking baby out, only head out for 10 or so minutes. Let both of you get used to being out and about, and then gradually increase your time outside.

If taking your child around the block for a few minutes was comfortable last week, that doesn\’t mean you can go all day today. Keep trips short and sweet at first, until both of you have gotten used to taking your baby outside.

Don\’t travel too far

This is a good rule of thumb with taking your baby outside. Try not to travel too far in the first few outings, as they are likely tiring for them and you!

Once your little one has gotten used to being out of the house, try taking walks around the neighborhood or maybe even taking day trips if that\’s something you enjoy!

Try your own back yard, or a friend or family\’s yard

If you have a yard, gently introduce your baby to the outside fresh air and sunlight by taking them into the back yard. If you have a patio or porch, sit out there with baby and let him get used to feeling her outside air on his skin, without the added stress of forgetting to bring everything with you.

In conclusion – it doesn\’t have to be scary to take your little one outside!

If you are taking your newborn outside for the first time, it is important to plan ahead. When taking them on their first outing, be sure to prepare by packing everything you might need given how long you\’ll be out for. Keep trips short at first until both you and your child have gotten used to being outdoors together – try starting with about 10 minutes max before gradually building up time spent outside as well as distance traveled.

Taking walks around your neighborhood are a great place to start. You can always build up to taking longer trips later down the road! The most important thing is to take things slowly; there\’s no rush! You and your family will be enjoying the outdoors together before you know it.

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