Fun Kids Activities For The Festive Season

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Children are active beings, and they need activities to keep them busy and out of trouble during holidays. As a parent, you may run out of ideas or things to do with your kids this holiday. However, there are many options, and you can try out all the activities and see what makes your children happy.

Installing a Christmas Tree

It is the Christmas season, and most children enjoy this time of the year; it would only be fair if you try and help them make lifetime memories. One of the ways to do this is by installing a Christmas tree together with the children, and they will live to talk about the experience.

You could start by shopping together to get everything needed for a Christmas tree. Then, from the store, you could start the installation together. Try explaining how everything is done step by step, and you will be surprised that they may do the following Christmas tree alone. Children do learn things very fast.

Treasure Hunts

You can curate your treasure hunts by hiding related items in different rooms and engaging the kids. Ensure the children look for all the clues and all the things. It is an exciting activity because of the thrill children get when looking at the different items. In addition, treasure hunts are fun activities for learning shapes because you can include shapes in the hidden items.

Reading Books

You can encourage your kid to read books during this season. The books do not have to be school-related. They could be books revolving around topics your child keeps mentioning or subjects that your child finds fascinating.

Allow your child to tag along when you go to bookstores to get the books because they may get other book recommendations from the bookstore attendant. However, it would be best to allow the kid to walk around and explore the bookstore. Let them take their time because children get more exciting books.


Holidays are for having a good time, learning how to do new things and spending time with friends and family. Try to involve the kids when baking, and you may be surprised when they show some interest.

Start by baking simple pastries like cupcakes as you ensure that they learn and understand all the steps. Even though it may get messy in the kitchen, allow the children to enjoy the moment and make memories.

Cooking Simple Foods

As you cook snacks and food, involve the kids in kitchen activities. Remember to get the kids cute little aprons to make them feel fully engaged in the kitchen activities. Let them do simple tasks in the kitchen and show them how everything is done and prepared.

Allow them to make mistakes because they get to learn and understand things. Then, once you finish preparing meals during this festive season, teach them the art of giving. Pack some food for your neighbours, or let the kids share some with their friends. Christmas is all about sharing and caring.


Children love shopping because they get to buy new things that they have probably wanted for a long time. Involve the kids when making shopping lists, and you could even use that moment to teach them about money and budgeting.

Tag them along when visiting stores. Allow them to pick the items on the list from the shelf. Let them carry the shopping as well; children learn a lot when you involve them in activities.

Hosting Friends and Sleepovers

Children need to interact with other children of their age group during this season. There are a lot of ways to bring children together. It could be through birthday celebrations, tea parties, playdates and sleepovers. It takes a lot of work to host many children, but they have fun and make memories that last a lifetime at the end of the day.

As parents to the kids, you could alternate the houses where the children have sleepovers. Ensure the children have enough games and activities to keep them busy throughout the sleepover.


If your child knows how to swim, then holidays are the perfect days for them to swim as much as possible and perfect their swimming skills. However, if your child does not know how to swim, it is time to get them a swimming coach to help them learn this critical life skill.

Swimming is one of those essential skills that a child needs to know because it may save them from terrible situations. Kids love playing with water, and anything can happen during their playtime. You can enrol your child in swimming classes if you have the resources.

Catching Up With Kid Friendly TV Shows

During school days, children most probably watch less TV because of restrictions. They must watch less TV to concentrate on their school work. However, during the holidays, allow the children to catch up with kid-friendly shows that they enjoy. As a parent, you could join them when you get the time.

You can also create bonding time by slotting in some movie day and time where the whole family can enjoy and experience a movie together. But, of course, everyone has to participate when it is time to choose a film. No one should feel left out in the family.

Drawing and Painting

You may never know a child’s talent until you introduce them to new activities often. Drawing and painting are stimulating activities that any child would enjoy. It would help if you bought your child the necessary tools to enjoy the activities.

You can invite other kids to participate in the activities with your child, or you could do the drawing and painting with your child. Appreciate their work through regular compliments and affirmations as it boosts their confidence. Hang the art pieces on the wall because it makes the child proud of their work. Also, could you encourage them to practice often?

Helping in the Garden

Gardening is an exciting activity for children because it involves soil and water, which children love. Start by showing the kids how to do simple things in the garden. Some simple garden activities include weeding, watering plants, growing trees and flowers.

When the children get accustomed to the simple exercises, you can introduce them to other garden activities like mulching and growing vegetables. Next, teach the kids how to take care of plants. You could even allocate each child their tree or flower and promise to award the child whose tree or flower will be the healthiest.


Spending the night inside a camp is an exciting activity. Children love new places and experiences. Camping does not have to be expensive because you can do it in your backyard. If you would like to break the monotony, you can look for a different place to have an unforgettable camping experience. Through a camping activity, kids can learn how to pitch a tent and light up a bonfire. You can always get baby sleeping bags for comfort.

Visiting Parks

Visiting the park and having picnics will always be an enjoyable activity. Remember to carry snacks and various foods for the kids to enjoy.

Story Telling

Kids will always learn so much from stories. They learn how to express themselves through stories, understand good listening skills, and learn life lessons.

You can consider the above activities to keep your children busy while having fun. The holidays might be overwhelming for you, but these activities will be a good break for you while the children will have a time of their lives.

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