Should You Feed Baby Before Or After Bath?

Many new parents frequently face a disagreement over this topic. They might have heard stories about not bathing their child before or after feeding. Some mothers are determined that feeding a baby before bathing is harmful, while others strongly feel that it’s bad luck to bathe them before their meal.

Should You bath Your Baby Before Or After You Feed Them?

Baths are good for babies. They are a great way to calm them down, and since a calm baby sleeps better at night, many mothers schedule baths as the last activity for the day before putting the little one to bed. But is this the best idea? To answer this question, let’s look at some scenarios.

The first thing to remember is that every child is different. If you have a child who tends to sleep off during feeding, it might be better to bathe them before you feed them. You would not want them waking up while giving them a bath. This might make it difficult for them to go back to sleep.

However, your little one might be the type to create a fuss during bath time. They might kick and get excited, which might upset their stomach if they have already had their meal. If your child tends to cry during a bath, you should not bathe them after their meal. Crying can easily upset their stomach and make it difficult to digest their meals.

If your child has any health condition that might affect digestion or tends to burp a lot after meals, it might be good to bathe them before their meals. During baths, babies tend to recline a lot, which could cause reflux. Also, trying to get your baby to burp while you give them their bath can be quite tiring and messy.


If you are a breastfeeding mother, you consider that your little one might need to relieve themself after feeding, but that doesn\’t mean you need to bathe them straight after they\’ve been fed. The best time to bathe a baby depends on the baby and the household schedule. Look out for the scenarios I mentioned above and see how they affect your child. If you realize that your little one might do better with a bath after getting their meal, stick with that routine. But there are a few best practices you should consider before bathing your child after their meal.

Best Practices For Bathing Your Baby After Feeding

Before you continue reading, remember that deciding to give your child a bath before or after their meal depends on many factors, the most important of which is how the child reacts to baths. If you have considered these factors and decided that a bath after a meal is the best, here are a few best practices.

  1. It Should Be Their Last Meal

Ensure that you are giving the little one a bath after having their last meal for the day. Bathing them before your child has had their last meal might mean you have to bathe them again after the last meal. And considering that a bath might make your child sleepy, you do not want to wake them up to feed them again.

  1. Give Them Some Time

Do not just dunk your baby in a tub after they have had their meal. Give them a bit of time so that digestion can take place. This is especially important for newborn babies or kids with reflux issues.

The best thing would be to wait for an hour or two after feeding before proposing a bath. This will give them enough time for digestion to take place. After their bath, they will be ready for a good night’s rest.

  1. Keep Them Upright

Laying down after a meal is not good for anyone, but this is more true for babies. And because they find it difficult to stay upright, it is up to you to ensure that your child is elevated during their bath.

The best way is to get a tub or a bathing device that allows them to stay a bit upright during their bath. If you can’t get this, you might have to do it yourself, although this might be a bit cumbersome.

  1. Lukewarm Water Is Best

Extreme temperatures can cause digestion problems, so ensure that the water you are using for your baby’s bath is lukewarm. It will help regulate their temperature and foster blood circulation.

Also, do not linger in the bathroom once you are done with the bath. Bundle your child out and dry them. Do not let them get a cold.

Remember that it is not recommended to bathe your newborn babies every day because of how sensitive their skin is. However, the couple of times you get to bathe them in a week, ensure to follow these tips for the best bathing experience.

So What Time Is The Best To Bathe Your Baby?

The best time to bathe your baby is in the evening. The time for each family might vary because of differences in schedule. However, depending on your baby, it is always best to give them a bath before or after their last meal. Giving them a bath after their last meal might mean waiting for an hour or two. If this is the case, plan your schedule so that it is not too late before you bathe your baby. If it is too late, your little one might not take kindly to having a bath.

Remember that there are no wrong or right answers. The best answer is that one that works for your baby.

Should You Feed Baby Before Or After Bath
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